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24mm Rocket

24 mm Rocket

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A small rocket meant for a 24 mm diameter solid propellent motor.

Now that I’m no longer working on a big rocket with the university, I want to do something small on my own. I was going to just build a model rocket but I quickly realised that is too easy. I don’t mind that they’re small, but the materials and techniques are too simple. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a lot of fun! But I’ve been working with rockets for too many years to get much out of them any more.

Instead I feel like building a rocket that will be very hard to make (difficulty is a feature!) and go a little higher than the usual Estes started kit. But I still want to stay out of High Power, so use a motor with less than ‘H’ impulse.

My notes from when I started this project.

Design Log

Track the progress of the conceptual design.



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