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Nathan Bergey

Nathan Bergey


Creative cross-disciplinary programmer with a passion for space. Voracious researcher. Communicates complex ideas with clear explanations and visual analogies.

Work Experience

Program Manager, Lab for Interconnected Devices   2014–2015
Portland State University,

I transformed the L.I.D. into a full prototyping makerspace at Portland State University. I was the lab’s first program manager and oversaw a move in to a larger space and its growth into vital part of the school of engineering.

Consultant, Programmer   2010–2014
Self Employed

Freelance software developer in Portland, Oregon. Client work included full stack web programming, data visualization, HTML5/JS front end work, and robotics

Junior Consultant   2007–2009
Strategic Solutions NW,

I was a member of a small group of technology and management consultants working for medium to large corporations

Volunteer Work

Rocket Scientist And Project Manager 2008–2016
Portland State Aerospace Society,

PSAS is an open aerospace engineering project. They are building ultra-low-cost, open source rockets that feature some of the most sophisticated amateur rocket avionics systems in the world.

Programmer 2009–2016
Open Source Projects,

I’ve created and worked on several open source projects


Bachelor of Science, Physics   2006
Appalachian State University, NC


Web Development   HTML CSS

Python   Flask IPython (Jupyter) Notebook Data Analysis Data Viz Matplotlib


Space   NASA Launch vehicles ISS real-time data

Data Viz   python IPython (Jupyter) Notebooks charting

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