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Rocket Clubs

Rocket Clubs Around The World

This is not yet an exhaustive list. This is a list of small time projects that I find particularly exiting or advanced. It’s mostly student groups at Universities. That said, if you see something you think is missing, send a pull request!

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University Clubs


Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group, Boston, MA

Major Project: Large student built hybrid rocket (abandonded), now large liquid-fueled engine. Goal: >100 km.

Tags: liquid-engine high-altitude

Cal Poly Space Systems

Cal Poly Space Systems, San Luis Obispo, CA

Major Project: Large HTPB Hybrid motor

Tags: hybrid high-altitude IREC


Cornell Rocketry Team, Ithaca, NY

Major Project: Avionics, complex autonomous payload integration

Tags: avionics TARC


Cambridge University Space Flight, Cambridge, England

Major Project: Open Source avionics

Tags: avionics open-source


Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering, Delft, The Netherlands

Major Project: Large Hybrid, 50 km attempt, active stabilization (canards)

Tags: hybrid high-altitude


LPRD (“leopard”) Rocketry, Minneapolis–Saint Paul, MN

Major Project: Liquid-fueled engine

Tags: liquid-engine


MIT Rocket Team, Cambridge, MA

Major Project: Linux flight computer with stearable parafoil auto-recovery

Tags: avionics TARC


Portland State Aerospace Society, Portland, Ore.

Major Project: Advanced open source avionics, lightweight carbon fiber, liquid-fueled engine

Tags: avionics open-source liquid-engine high-altitude

The SDSU Rocket Project

San Diego State University Rocket Project, San Diego, CA

Major Project: Student built liquid-fueled engine

Tags: liquid-engine

SEDS @ UC San Diego

SEDS at UC San Diego, San Diego, CA

Major Project: 3D printed liquid-fueled engine

Tags: liquid-engine

Triton Rocket Club

Triton Rocket Club at UC San Diego, San Diego, CA

Major Project: ?


UF Rocket Team

University of Florida Rocket Team, Gainesville, FL

Major Project: ?



USC Rocket Propulsion Lab, Los Angeles, CA

Major Project: Carbon fiber rockets, 100 km attempts, large solid motors

Tags: high-altitude

Independent Clubs


AeroPac, San Fransisco, CA

Major Project: 30 km 2-stage rocket with COTS motors

Copenhagen Suborbitals

Copenhagen Suborbitals, Copenhagen, Denmark

Major Project: Building monstrous, huge, eventually crewed rocket to edge of space (100 km). Effectively a tiny space program