ISS Photo Locations (read)

Visualization of the location of nearly every photograph taken from the International Space Station.



A cute passphrase generator using space words.

Science Hack Day 2014

I was at SHD San Fransisco 2014 and worked on these projects

Open Space APIs is a collection of NASA and space APIs for public use.

Portland State Aerospace Society

For many years I’ve been heavily involved at PSAS, an educational group dedicated to building advanced avionics for high powered rockets. A couple of examples of my work there:

And much more:

NASA Style Switch Guards

A 3D printed version of NASA’s awesome looking toggle switch guards so you don’t accidentally hit a switch in orbit.


A photo browser for NASA’s Earth Observation Laboratory.


A very small collection of D3 charts and styles I’ve built

Mars Science laboratory Image Feed

Now defunct. I put this together in an afternoon to track new images coming from MSL after she landed. It worked for a little bit, but JPL kept changing their layout and I couldn’t keep up with the scraper.